Friday, June 12, 2009

Vacation is great!

Just a beautiful sunset in Ghana...

Some weird catapiller thing and his little red friends

Sitting watching the weavers weave. Check the trees in the background, if it shows...

On the canopy walk in Kakoum National Rain Forest.
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Sitting with what I'm sure is the Funkadelic Skull... Yet odd that it's on the beach.
Umm dirty laundry, airing, publicly of course, in my amazing new tent.
Not bad eh???

This is where they serve the drinks, take your food orders and what have you, at the amazing Green Turtle.
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Some older shots, but relevent as it poors in Niamey

A storm coming in...

A bit closer...

Closer Still...
Better Get inside.
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Umm oh yeah its 2009! Some Pics. and things...

So I should say that I have been vacationing a lot these past few months, most of these photos are coming from Burkina Faso's FESPACO festival and Ghana's Green Turtle. It is because of these two fine experiences that I am still in Niger with a smile on my face. Time is nearly run out for me here, so I better post while I can right? Hope you are all well, josh.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The moon making the sky look scaly? Unfortunately This night and far too many like it aven't brought rain. We need it desperately, rain, not scaly skies.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Some more, tis the season, well the rainy season

The Roof. Evil, hot, loud, leaks,but I need the roof.

Some of the textures.

You (or your sheep) get shade where you can.

The lizards, yes he does work out.

Rainy season

So here is a view from my door, if my eyeballs were capable of photoshopping things.

Clouds, beautiful clouds, hopefully coming filled with water. Unfortunately these were not.

A few of my favourite things...

The grayish pinkish stuff at the horizon would eventually be rain at home.

My new shade hangar, needs work, but its not that bad.